Aloemore Studio was established in 1972, as a screen printing studio, manufacturing flags and banners as well as producing show stands, movie sets and other displays.

As the industry has changed in South Africa, so has the the core business of the studio and in 2007 we made the natural progression from screen printing to decor design and manufacturing. Being creative and having a fully functional studio at our disposal made the inclusion of a theme decor business extremely easy. Our passion has always been painting and now we have the luxury of being able to use our talents much more expressively.

The pleasure of doing the work we love for people who are overtaken by party moods as they engage in organising their function, whether it be a birthday celebration with a few friends in their own home or a year end function in a professional venue, has been an added bonus.

Themed parties always seem to be that much more fun and with our easily transportable, freestanding decor you can change an ordinary function into an extraordinary party.